Design for Steagle

Steagle company helps people to create an alarm system in their homes to avoid fire, flood and even an earthquake. The system consists of a large number of sensors, for which should be easily monitored and managed.
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December 15th, 2013

On the main page the user can quickly see the state of his security system

In the expanded widget of separate panel the user can see the status of each sensor and adjust it.

In minimized widget user can quickly assess the condition of the sensors according to the color.

On this page users can add the panel and sensors as well as customize them. For each sensor can be given its own name to make it easier to understand what each device means

If the sensor is triggered the user receives various notifications: several indicators in a site, SMS and even a mobile phone call

Users can quickly find the desired event using a comfortable and detailed filters in the journal

User settings and plans

Icons are very important in this interface, especially those that refer to the types of sensors

This page shows the nearest payment terminal or a bank and informs where to save on taxes